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Product Information

Product Information
NSP : Advanced Probiotic
Growth Enhancer

1. Product Overview

NSP promotes growth of lactic acid bacteria and Bifidus which have good probiotic activities but are not well grown in milk, vegetable, fruit juices. For instance, although L.plantarum is resistant to gastric juice, it's not used in dairy drink products such as yoghurt because of its low growth capability in dairy. However, NSP significantly enhances L.plantarum’s growth capability in milk. Further more, NSP can make non-dairy drinks cultured with 100% of L.plantarum. NSP can enhance the growth capability of L.casei and Bifidus as well.

2. Features

NSP promotes probiotic bacterial growth, gives well-rounded flavors and does not produce bitter tastes or off flavors.NSP is a superior growth enhancer compared to other growth enhancers in terms of level of the growth and flavor.


  • Derived from safe and non-toxic source ( rice )
  • Outstanding growth promoting effect
  • Well rounded flavors and tastes
  • No negative effect on flavor and taste

3. Applications

Growth enhancers for beneficial microorganisms in dairy and food fermentation industries.


  • Yogurt and cultured juices: promoting probioticbacteria growth, especially for L.plantarum and L.casei
  • Probiotics supplements
  • Bulk culture of probiotics for industry

4. Growth enhancing
effects of NSP

  • 11.7%(w/v) skim milk base + 0.4%(w/v) of each growth enhancer
  • Heat treatment at 105 °C for 5 minutes then cooling down to 30 °C
  • Lactic acid bacteria inoculation and stationary culture for a given time
  • Acidity examination by 0.1 N NaOH titration

Lactobacillus plantarum SN35N

Lactobacillus casei

5. Gastric juice resistance of
probiotic strains

Artificial digestive
juice resistance tests

  • Plant lactic acid bacteria tends to be more tolerant of digestive juice than animal lactic acid bacteria.
  • It has been difficult to use the plant lactic acid bacteria for yogurt fermentation
  • NSP can multiply probiotic lactic acid bacteria that has been difficult to culture due to fermentative problems
  • 0.2%Bile powder
  • 18Hr,37°C
  • OD660
  • Hiroshima University
  • Plant lactic acid bacteria refers to lactic acid bacteria derived from plants.

6. Examples of NSP

Fermentation with 100% of lactic acid bacteria ; L.Plantarum.

Development of fermented foods which make lactic acid bacteria more viable in bowels.

Improvement of health in intestinal flora ( microbiome ).

NSP realizes

Cultured Vegetable Juice

1.5~2 Billion/㎖ (P-LAB 100%)
Non added sugar
Non fat
Low carb

Cultured Orange Juice

0.1~0.5 Billion/㎖ (P-LAB 100%)
Non added sugar
Non fat
Low carb

Yoghurt (Lb.plantarum100%)

0.5~1.5 Billion/㎖
Non added sugar
Low fat



NSP helps Probiotic Lactic acid bacteria and Bifidobacterim increase.

NSP is a natural food ingredient.

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