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Nomura Dairy Products Co., Ltd. Corporate Profile

Corporate Overview

Corporate Name Nomura Dairy Products Co., Ltd.
Head office 2-12-27, Turue, Futyu-cho, Akigun,Hiroshima, 735-0008 JAPAN
Telephone/Fax 81-82-281-3341 / 81-82-284-2264
President & CEO Mitsuo Nomura
Date of Establishment April 1, 1897
Core Business Activities Probiotics Business
  1. Manufacturing Functional Dairy Products
  2. Research and Development of Fermentation Technology and Probiotic Ingredients etc.

Our Business

Our motto is "Eat for Health, Well-being, and Longevity".

With our 21st century diets, proper nutrition is paramount.

Your health is determined partly by what you eat.

Established in 1897 in Hiroshima,Japan,Nomura Dairy Products has over 100-year’s of history manufacturing dairy products.

Now our core business focus has shifted to the development and production of PROBIOTICS.

The World Health Organization defines PROBIOTICS as “active, live and beneficial microorganisms that provide a positive effect to the host”.

Probiotics improve gut health, known as “INTESTINAL FLORA ( MICROBIOME )”.

It is useful to think of your intestinal flora as your own garden that you are responsible for.

We need to make sure that the soil ( your intestines ) where the plants ( your microbes ) grow in is healthy, containing plenty of nutrients.

We manufacture probiotic dairy products in Japan. Our main probiotics product, “FERMENTED VEGETABLE JUICE ( NOMU-SHOKUBUTSU NYUUSANKIN ).

It is an incredible invention and a delicious probiotic drink, which per 100㎖ serving, contains around 100 BILLION of our clinically proven probiotic strain “Lactobacillus Plantarum SN13T/SN35N”.

It may balance your digestive system and provide other positive effects.

Drinking 100㎖ daily may relieve your constipation, diarrhea and maintain overall health.

Further more, we research and develop fermentation technology. Our technology is registered under japanese patent (No.4346559).

We provide the patented technology and ingredients for various dairy products companies in the global market.

e.g. ; Advanced Probiotics Enhancer NSP ; NSP promotes growth of lactic acid bacteria and bifidus which have excellent probiotic benefits but are not well grown in milk, vegetable, fruits juices.

Product Information About NSP

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